(For The First Time)

  1. Felt like my abdominal was being stabbed.


  3. My wife caught covid-19 for the first time. (same sickness different experiences)

  4. Side note: My Wife Has Two Vaccinations

Week 1

I have came to the conclusion after two weeks of research that covid-19 is a biological weapon. Two long years after the pandemic started while still NEVER testing positive for covid-19, I FINNALLY CAUGHT IT!!!! 12/07/2022 I wake up with a high fever sensation, so nauseous I start to rub my eyes. As my vision came into focus, I walk to the restroom and vomit. This happened regularly for the next 5 days. Finally the Insomnia starts to hit and you finally start to question if the virus is gonna be fatal.

Week 2

Day 8. 12/15/2022 I can still feel the abdominal pains and can't get any sleep. It starts to get really bad when the food runs low because of quarantine, I am very thankful for my family dropping off some care packages while still keeping safe distance. I missed two weeks of work but will only get 40 hours of pay due to "California Regulations". Pretty much all the symptoms are accurate (Weak body, Vomit, Mucus Build UP, Loss of Taste, Loss of Smell, Shortness of Breath, and Abdominal Pains) I'm not too sure how I initially caught it but I do know that I am unvaccinated and I also know this is the worst sickness I've ever felt IN MY LIFE!!!

When did I get better?

12/21/22 Finally after being able to return to work I have tested negative for Covid-19. My overall experience was about an 1/100 never recommend it, please do not take lightly(This should literally be a National Security Threat). I mean if you take away all the belly aching and coughing, mixed with the fact of not being able to eat for occasional vomit sessions was always going to be a factor. Yes. It is very intimidating to experience but i can grow and move forward, because I'm better.

Always Remember

  1. I am always here for you

  2. Don't make it worse

  3. My body had bodied Covid-19

  4. Once you find happiness don't forget that feeling!

  5. Fight for what you love.

  6. Never give up!.