Statement of Purpose

The Beginning

This essay's purpose is to describe the aims and ambitions of  This will explain my personal journey of life and the qualities that have nurtured me in the process that helped produce a very wise, humble, and strong man. This most definitely will include my struggles, ambitions, whole heartedness, stubbornness, necessary sacrifices, and pride.  Do not sorrow or hold complaint if my language is not clear or lucid, have a open mind and try to understand personal perspective...THIS IS CHANGE.

Pursuing the field of motivation and change has enabled me and others who bear whiteness to prowess and progress in a field of which we all hold deep within ourselves. The genesis of my dream has always been with me since I was a child, it was almost an obsession.  We were out in my moms car running errands and we had broken down again (with regularity). Without any warning, we have now found ourselves stuck at a green light.  My mother, who I respect to death because of this got out of the vehicle and started to push.  Luckily a good Samaritan did an out of the ordinary task, pulled to the side of the road just to help me and my mother.  Soon the car was finally pushed to a gas station nearby with haste.   Personally I was in awe and admiration for the man who declared and  decided to change his mind from the norm and humbly assist us while we were in peril.  I wanted to be just like him.  The mysterious man was indeed a sign of hope, a sign that has since then planted a seed of change and self liberty in my core belief's forever.  I am eager to exploit my hunger for change and most importantly my hunger to help people succeed when all hope seems to diminish from their personal perspective.

Over four years of my life since 2018 I have dedicated myself to personal growth and immense change.  I was working a dead end job as security for about nine months before I was offered a job at Yves Saint Laurent Paris.  As a rookie and as a starting professional in a field I had little to no knowledge about, this was dangerous.  Indeed I had a team of very successful sales people and heartfelt managers to help guide me in the right direction but this will soon change.  The toxic environment I was shown also including the outrageous sense of "expertise" the team was displaying was an enormous learning point.  The experience in a whole definitely enriched my understanding of high end couture fashion and product knowledge, even gave me the skills on how to run a self sustained appointment based business.  This employment not only gave me an insight into the day-to-day struggles of a working professional, but also an insight that no matter how hard you try people cannot change unless they decide to change themselves.  I learned more than the brilliant basics , won multiple contests placing number two in the world and number one in the United States multiple times.  Utilizing all these skills and experiences I was able to create a platform that expresses the true nature of change and positivity.

I study the ideals of many wise men that lay great emphasis on the roots of change, this includes professors like Jim Rohn.  Yes, I always excelled at retaining this information or any type of information thrown my way, and I can even humbly say that as a child I never wanted to settle for the norms of society.  I just wanted immense change.  This association with these professors and research in my life has improved my literature and also my focus on what needs to be done.  Outside of work, I picked up a religion and decided to become a Christian under the house of God.  The bible has definitely helped me build on my levels of concentration and listening.  It is a good source for success stories and Failures from past life perspective.    This new concentration came from a combination of confidence and personal hunger for knowledge.  These are words that every researcher should stand and live by also taking  into consideration the stress before trying to acquire change or pursuing the reasons why change is necessary in your life.

Our business partner Padlet runs a private social media platform connected to welcome to all viewers and participators.  I definitely keep active and take part of these social activities nearly any chance I have so I can promote change.  I do my fair share in getting information from the community itself, also trying my best not to enrich biased opinion.  Some of these ventures include interviewing people overseas, getting real hands on research and data, and promoting the dangers of change including the positives in it of itself.  I stand by my professionalism and my freedom to speak about the necessary information I have researched and provided to the public.  

I believe that I am a suitable candidate for this subject of choice, especially when my past experiences even the ones I have withheld for personal reasons have planted and flourished me into a proper and well educated changed man.  Most of this knowledge and experience that I have read and interpreted on my own life has exposed me to the importance of  critical thinking.  Throughout my life I have unfortunately been a practical thinker and have almost became comfortable with it.  My passion for science experiments most definitely helped my critical thinking process and how I went about my emotions that can move forward or reverse the winds of change.  Its very important that you understand the fundamental basics of yourself and of your life.  This will surely expand your entitlement to solution and give you the keys to personal growth which we use in everyday life.  


I strongly believe the United States of America is the ideal location for my choice of study and research.  It is said that the USA has one of the most diverse and opinionated population because it is so vast and multi-cultural.  It is also said that they are one of the only places in the world that doesn't freely accept change unless it aligns with their personal politics or ideals.    I also believe that my platform is not only a safeguard for change, but it is also a necessary step forward for freedom of speech and self-liberty.  I hope to secure more knowledge following my research and hope my platform or videos can help the individual person find the right steps for self improvement or change.